Why re-design society?

Posted on April 7, 2013


Because we deserve it and we will have to if we want to keep living on this planet. Like George Carlin said, “The planet is fine, it’s the people that’s fucked“. We’re a part of this planets ecosystem no matter how much we try to ignore and hide from it and our life is dependent on that it is in good health. The way our society is structured we’re destroying it and us with it. There’s no reason at all to not try to aim for creating a Utopian world. Why shouldn’t we aim for the best?
The big question is not IF, but rather WHAT constitutes Utopia?
And we shouldn’t be so scared of it. For some reason, as soon as anybody mentions “Utopia” people think of communist Russia, China or Cuba, dictators trying to create a more just and equal society but at the cost of its peoples freedom. Who ever tried to do it ended up suppressing everybody and killing the ones who spoke against it. Lets be clear about one thing. A truly utopian world can never include systems, rules or regulations that directly or indirectly inflicts harm to others or rids them of their freedom of choice, freedom of speech or quality of life. It is extremely important that people are heard if they feel they are being treated wrongly. There can be no small elite making all the decisions behind shut doors and there can obviously not be any single leaders, also called dictators, pulling all the strings. Complete transparency is important. Anybody should be able to ask for the details around any decision-making process or participate in it. This might seem impossible to a lot of people who has grown up with the hierarchical system of leaders and followers, people with power and those without.

There are whole new movements, mostly on the internet where people share their knowledge and ideas freely for anybody to use and further develop. This happens a lot in the computer science field with open source code platforms. It enables people to build on each others results which boost the overall development much further than it could get behind locked doors.
What if we would make all of society open source and share ware?
Everybody would be a part of developing it and pointing out the obvious flaws and injustices and have the power to change things directly. Another good example of shared creation is Wikipedia which is a totally open platform where anybody can contribute. Of course there are people who go in and write total rubbish just to mess with the system. But there’s even more people who clean it up and makes sure that the part that they have an interest in keeping up to date and truthful, stay that way. It works. There’s even been studies made on the difference between Wikipedia and the National Encyclopedia regarding their contents reliance and the conclusion was that they have the same level of errors, which I think was around 5-10%. I can’t find the source of that but I know it was in some TED talk.

Another negative aspect of our society is that it creates and endorses a lot of destructive behaviors. Since we are not given what we need to survive by default but have to work for it and earn it, there are some obvious problems that occur when someone no longer has a job or money to support him or her self. That person will still do whatever it takes to get food, water and shelter or what ever else he or she needs. It is pretty obvious. Stealing those things all of a sudden becomes an option. Also engaging in other criminal activities to get money. When people are put in the extremely degrading and stressful situation of being without the basic resources to survive or live a good life, a great sense of injustice grows, which feeds emotions like envy, hate, hopelessness and rage. By flaunting all the wonderful things that you could have, if only you could pay for it, in front of people who can never have it, only increases the sense of injustice and increases the chance for violent behavior.
In all cultures and societies there are certain goals in life that are being glorified and others that are being frowned upon. The whole social hierarchy is one big pile of lifestyles to aim for or stay away from. To be considered one of the elite at the top, your life needs to fulfill certain criteria and the same goes for every level, the upper, middle and lower class. The higher up in the hierarchy you go, the more freedom, power and respect you’re considered to have. Every human being wants to be respected, feel valuable and safe and the higher up you go the more chance to get it all and the lower down you are, the higher risk to not have any of it. Obviously most people want to start climbing this ladder to which ever level we feel comfortable at. The majority of main stream media is drowning us in propaganda that acts like a gigantic carrot, pulling us towards wanting more stuff that would communicate to the rest of the world that we have climbed up the ladder. We have a car that says “we’re sucessfull”, a house that says we’re upper class, a style that says “we demand respect” etc. One problem that occurs when you’re trying to climb the social ladder, without getting any closer to the goal you set for yourself is that you easily enter the state of frustration-aggression. When you are unable to reach a set goal, you get frustrated and look for a way to get that frustration out, since there’s no possible way to get relief by reaching the goal, no matter how hard you try. One way to do that is to create a scapegoat. This is a well documented and observed phenomena. Our society creates this situation on a daily basis for a lot of people, specifically when so many dreams and possibilities are flaunted in front of us that most of us will never be able to have but still try to and some times are forced to. Aggression like this is something we have come to take for granted and we think that it’s a natural behavior. Teenagers going on rage rampages, crime and gang violence in low income areas, hate crimes towards homosexuals and emigrants etc. This is not natural behavior. It is a direct result of frustration-aggression. Hate boiling up that needs to get out one way or another and we are forced to find a way to justify it and let it out.

There’s so many problems that are a direct consequence of our current society. Most of them can in my opinion be linked to the monetary system. Poverty, bad waste management, the climate crisis, starvation, certain disease epidemics, wasteful usage of resources, deforestation, the energy crisis, several stress related diseases, production inefficiency, a huge majority of cases of depression and anxiety, the poisoning of our water and soil, homelessness, addictions such as gambling, alcohol, heavy drugs, shopping, sugar, fastfood etc, war, the destruction of ecosystems, species going extinct and many many more. We get stress out and anxious when we realize the money we have isn’t enough for what we need. We develop depressions when the pressure gets to much. We develop low self-esteem and anger from growing up in a poor home where our parents didn’t have time for us because they had to work two jobs to support you and they were bitter and angry about the fact that they were poor. Half of the world is dying form starvation because they can’t afford to buy food or the resources to grow it them selfs and they are dying from diseases that can easily be treated if only they had money to pay for the medicine. Industries are dumping toxic waste into our lakes, rivers and oceans because it is cheaper that way. Industries are also choosing cheaper inferior materials even though there’s better options out there. Huge areas of forest and land are being destroyed for the purpose of making money. People are loosing their homes because they can’t pay for them any more. The homes are still there, only now they are empty. People are denied a high education (in some countries) because they can’t afford it.
People are forced to go to jobs that are directly destructive to their bodies and minds, just because it’s the only option they have  so that they can feed them selfs and their family. Small local productions are being forced out of business by big companies that press the prices.

We are all forced to work about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, which gives us about 3-5 hours of time, when we’re not getting ready for work or going home from work, that we can do what we want with. It is not really that strange that most people don’t have the energy to get updated on what’s going on in the world and do something about the sever problems that surrounds us all. We just want to be left alone for a while to breath and just be or have some fun with our friends and loved ones. We become happy little consumers, oblivious to the fact that we are all just modern slaves and the world is crumbling around us.

So why should we re-design society?
Because we can do better than this.
Because we deserve better than this.

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