Manipulating minds

Posted on April 9, 2013


We are being manipulated on a regular basis to consume products, lifestyles, experiences and values. This is not a conspiracy theory. I’m not talking about an Illuminati world order elite planing for world domination while laughing evilly. This is a completely normal part of how business is done that most people are unaware of.
We are also manipulated into supporting certain agendas that people in power need support for to be able to put them into motion. The strings that are being played are our basic desires we strive for such as happiness, comfort, freedom, safety, belonging, purpose and self value. We’re being told that their products, values or ideas are the ways to fulfill our deepest desires. They have the answer and all you need to do is follow. When people in which ever social hierarchy you belong to adapt any of these solutions and thereby stand behind them, we are again manipulated through our need to belong and be a part of the group. We follow. Another thing that helps with this manipulation is to make sure we’re easily manipulated, that we don’t question things to much, specifically not the voices from authorities within our society. We have a structure within both our society and our education system that consists of a small groups of people in power (leaders, teachers, experts and law enforcement) that has all the answers and the right to take action and give orders. The rest of the people are then suppose to follow their orders, recommendations and directions. It’s a system of those who show the way and those who follow. This way it is easy for the ones showing the way to control the masses. We are also being lead into several addictions that locks our energy and minds into closed loops of attention, keeping us of the main issues. One addiction is the constant need for entertainment. We go to work and spend most of our energy and attention there. When we come home we just want to be entertained for a while, which is mostly done by the TV these days. And there’s oh so much entertainment for us to get emerged in. We are being told by media all the time to entertain ourself. Life is such a hard thing. Make sure you have some fun to take your mind of it all. Just enjoy yourself and explore the things that make you feel good. Explore the millions of ways to get instant gratification. Our main focus of conversation with other people also tend to be about entertainment. How did you entertain yourself this weekend?
What fun things will you do tomorrow?
What entertainment could you recommend for me to do?
I’m not saying that all fun things are bad. I’m saying that there’s a big unbalance regarding what we spend our time on and what topics we converse about mostly. Think about it yourself. To what depth does your conversations go with the people around you?
What do you do with your spare time?

Below are several documentaries that talk about the topic of manipulation of the masses in one way or another.
Hope they can inspirer you to start asking more questions about the things you take for granted around you.

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