The Venus project – a genuine attempt to develop a highly advanced society

Posted on April 12, 2013


I think the Venus project is a great initiative to try and re-design society and create a system that is highly advanced and that create a good life for people and sustainable systems that fit within our ecosystem. I’m not really gonna write that much about them here, but instead just link a lot of videos about them and their site so that you can find otu for yourself. There’s no need to regurgitate what has already been said somewhere else. What i would say about it is that the Venus Project is about creating a global resource based economy where no one need a job to get what they need, management of our planets resources is central and it’s about creating abundance which would completely eradicate scarcity.
There’s a lot of really great ideas in this project but also a bunch that has to be further developed according to new research findings about how our intellect, emotions and behavior works, what motivates us and what we are capable of, technological advances and new understandings about the planet. But it is also their point to keep on developing it and that everybody should participate in the process. It is not about creating a small world elite that makes all the decisions for everybody else. The two people who lead the project are Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows.