Pinhole resoning…

Posted on July 6, 2013


I get so tired of hearing people say that we would never have made the advances in society if other people didn’t suffer. That the technology, medicines and science we have today has been achieved because of slavery and the experimentations during holocausts and that that is how it has to be. We should be grateful today that someone dared to do the unthinkable. What a fucked up way to justify the shit we do to other and this planet. Don’t you think?
Just becasue that was the process of development that those people in charged choose, doesn’t mean it was the ONLY option. It is so frighteningly narrow minded and psychopathic that I want to vomit. There is never just one solutions to any problem. I always wonders how they came to those decisions. Did they question them?
Did they think twice and look for another way of doing it?
Or were their views and beliefs about the value of human life so askew that they didn’t even realize they were doing something wrong?
And how can we possibly say that we wouldn’t have the level of technology and comforts in society we have today if it wasn’t for the systems and development processes of the past and present. How completely ignorant and grandiose of us. To think that there couldn’t have possibly been a better system solution that we could have choses that would have moved us forward even more and with higher moral values and closer connections to each other and the planet we live on. That we couldn’t have made other choices along the way that would have lead to us living better lives, mentally and physically. I believe that we would have gotten even further in our technological development, if we didn’t have to find funding for new projects. If you’ve ever been apart of any research or development project you know that the limitations for where it could go does not lay in the lack of creativity and drive in the team, but rather in the budget. If all the smart and creative designers, engineers and scientists would have to oportunity to go all the way with what they are working on, I strongly believe we would take even greater leaps forward.

We act according to our believes. To really change things we have to challenge our believes. And to do that we have to spread the knowledge we have about the world and display other possible perspectives to have on the world. Offer people the the chance to rethink. It is important that we all acknowledge that there is always more than one ways of doing things. Let’s eradicate the pinhole mindset!