There’s something seriously wrong with the world.
This space is for curious thoughts, scrutinizing questions
and creative mind blowing ideas about society.
Why shouldn’t we try to create utopia?
I think we deserve to at least try.


The society we’ve created for ourself (and with that I mean the western society) is a highly destructive one. It is so out of tune with the natural flow of life on this planet (including the natural needs and behaviors of humans). Our planet works as a closed ecosystem where everything has to be in balance to each other, for it to work. Our current society is also a kind of ecosystem, but it sustains only itself and is not by any means in tune with the planets ecosystem. It is a separate entity within the earths own system and it is directly hurting all life on this planet, including us humans. After all, we are just another animal species on this planet and we’re completely dependent on a healthy planetary ecosystem, even if we constantly forget about that when we’re living in our man made cities, completely cut off from nature. This is a fact and is extreemly hard to argue against. The question is, what do we do about it?
Some people say we can’t do anything about it, some ignore the problem, some fight desperately to change it. On this blog I intend to explore and investigate what the real problems are and possible solutions for them.
The main goal is to redesign society. Two big questions to answer are:
What is the utopia society?
and how do we get there?



I’m an industrial and interaction designer and one thing I’ve learned during my school years is that there are always more than one solution to any problem. We discover those solutsion buy thinking creatively and exploring possibilities. I want to try and apply the design process to create a utopian society.
To be able to do great things, you have to at least dare to dream big and there’s no harm in that. There are a few well known ideation rules within the design comunity and one of them is that you are not allowed to say “that wont work” while you’re brainstorming ideas. This is important so that you don’t kill the creative mood and that you give every idea a chance. it might proove to be a bad one in the end, but it might also leade the way to something else that is great. I will try to keep a very open mind while investigating our current society and coming up with ideas for a new one.

Another important part of this blog is that I encourage everyone that reads it to question everything, find your own facts, explore your own ideas and find out for yourself what is true, false, plausable or unlikely. The solutions for a utopian society has to be created and accepted by all so please contribute your thougths and ideas.

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