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Utopia isn’t about absolute perfection

April 19, 2013


I feel I want to clarify something. I’m using the word Utopia when I’m talking about this new type of society model I’m working on. It is the word that comes closes to what I want to aim for, even though I know the word has a bit of a negative history. It was coined […]

What do we want?

April 16, 2013


Do we really know what we want? Some things we just think we want and we use them to hide some uncomfortable feelings we don’t want to deal with. Like living a busy life, because we can’t handle when it gets all quiet and calm and all those cramped up issues we haven’t dealt with […]

The solution isn’t a one way quick fix

April 13, 2013


To really make a big change in society you can’t just aim for one solution and think that it will do the trick. It’s not just about technology or spiritual enlightenment or education or politics or philosophy or freedom or feeding the world or science or health or peace love and understanding. it’s about all […]

The attitude “I don’t give, if I don’t get”

April 12, 2013


One thing people always ask when I tell then I think we should have a society where every one should get everything they need for free is this: How do you expect anybody to do any work that needs to be done, without getting payed? Everybody wants something in return. No one would do anything […]

Cure Ignorance

April 10, 2013


Don’t just be a receiver for what ever junk your being told. Don’t build your reality on wild assumptions disguised as truth. Question things and find out about other perspectives, ideas or possibilities. By Donny Miler, linked from I fucking love science

Jobs – what are they good for?

April 9, 2013


What is a job? “A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment.” Source – Wikipedia. So, Why do we need a job? We need a job so that we can acquire money or currency that can then later be used to acquire the things we need and want, to be able to […]

Why re-design society?

April 7, 2013


Because we deserve it and we will have to if we want to keep living on this planet. Like George Carlin said, “The planet is fine, it’s the people that’s fucked“. We’re a part of this planets ecosystem no matter how much we try to ignore and hide from it and our life is dependent […]

“How cute and delusional”

April 7, 2013


Since I was a kid I always had a hard time understanding the weird systems in our society. I really didn’t understand how some people could be poor while the rich walked among them doing nothing about it. I didn’t understand why people wasn’t running to the rescue to others in need. I never understood […]

Assumptions, truths and wild ideas

March 20, 2013


To even begin discussing problems and solutions to a new society we have to establish our foundational mindset, and we’ll take some help form George Carlin with this one. If you think that people can not change who they are, then it is very difficult to have an intelligent developing discussion with someone that believes […]