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Pinhole resoning…

July 6, 2013


I get so tired of hearing people say that we would never have made the advances in society if other people didn’t suffer. That the technology, medicines and science we have today has been achieved because of slavery and the experimentations during holocausts and that that is how it has to be. We should be […]

Giving vs. Taking

June 3, 2013


I just started reading “The moneyless Manifesto” and I felt compelled to write a blogpost. Money promises that, if only we acquire enough of it, we can be independent. We can be independent of the people around us: “I don’t need their help – I can pay for whatever I need.” We can be independent […]

Reflection on perspectives

April 24, 2013


When I was doing an internship at a big design firm in Stockholm, a degree student asked for some help to test his concept prototype. This prototype was a white plastic cube with one button on it. Inside the cube was a bunch of sensors and LED lights. We had to figure out what this […]