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Reflection on perspectives

April 24, 2013


When I was doing an internship at a big design firm in Stockholm, a degree student asked for some help to test his concept prototype. This prototype was a white plastic cube with one button on it. Inside the cube was a bunch of sensors and LED lights. We had to figure out what this […]

Cure Ignorance

April 10, 2013


Don’t just be a receiver for what ever junk your being told. Don’t build your reality on wild assumptions disguised as truth. Question things and find out about other perspectives, ideas or possibilities. By Donny Miler, linked from I fucking love science

Assumptions, truths and wild ideas

March 20, 2013


To even begin discussing problems and solutions to a new society we have to establish our foundational mindset, and we’ll take some help form George Carlin with this one. If you think that people can not change who they are, then it is very difficult to have an intelligent developing discussion with someone that believes […]