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Utopia isn’t about absolute perfection

April 19, 2013


I feel I want to clarify something. I’m using the word Utopia when I’m talking about this new type of society model I’m working on. It is the word that comes closes to what I want to aim for, even though I know the word has a bit of a negative history. It was coined […]

The solution isn’t a one way quick fix

April 13, 2013


To really make a big change in society you can’t just aim for one solution and think that it will do the trick. It’s not just about technology or spiritual enlightenment or education or politics or philosophy or freedom or feeding the world or science or health or peace love and understanding. it’s about all […]

The attitude “I don’t give, if I don’t get”

April 12, 2013


One thing people always ask when I tell then I think we should have a society where every one should get everything they need for free is this: How do you expect anybody to do any work that needs to be done, without getting payed? Everybody wants something in return. No one would do anything […]

The thing we take for granted – Money

April 6, 2013


One basic part of our society that we seem to not question is the usage of money. There are new concepts of society that exclude the monetary system, but they aren’t really part of the mainstream suggestions to improving our current society (unfortunately). There’s no political party to vote for that offers a non monetary […]