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Utopia isn’t about absolute perfection

April 19, 2013


I feel I want to clarify something. I’m using the word Utopia when I’m talking about this new type of society model I’m working on. It is the word that comes closes to what I want to aim for, even though I know the word has a bit of a negative history. It was coined […]

There’s not enough to go around…or?

April 8, 2013


One argument I’ve heard many times against the idea of making everything you’d need to live a good life accessible to everybody for free, is that there’s not enough resources on the planet for everybody to live according to the western society model. There are a few assumptions made with this answer. First of all, […]

Why re-design society?

April 7, 2013


Because we deserve it and we will have to if we want to keep living on this planet. Like George Carlin said, “The planet is fine, it’s the people that’s fucked“. We’re a part of this planets ecosystem no matter how much we try to ignore and hide from it and our life is dependent […]